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    Customer Come to Inspect CI Flexo Printing Machine for FFS Bag
    release time:2019-08-23 | browse:135 【Close this page

    On Aug 19th, a group of China customer came to inspect and test CI flexo printing machine ordered from Huayang. 

    The machine is mainly used for printing FFS (Form, Fill, Seal) bag, which is also mentioned as Heavy Duty Bag. The materials originate from petrochemicals and resin products, which have strong capacity for packaging heave duty products, like grain, fertilizer, cement, salt, petrochemical particles, etc. 

    This CI flexo printing machine works inline with edge inserting machine to handle FFS tube material. So far, Huayang’s CI flexo printing machines have served for some China famous brand, like CNPC (China National Petroleum Corporation), Sinopec Group, COFCO (China Oil & Foodstuffs Corporation), etc.