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    Spain Customer Signed Contract for Huayang’s Precision Coating Machine
    release time:2019-08-22 | browse:118 【Close this page

    In second week of Aug 2019, Huayang received the order for a precision coating machine from a Spain customer. By the time, it will be the second precision coating machine supplied to Spain market.

    This machine is mainly used for coating and manufacturing SNW (Silver Nanowire) conductive film. The products are applied to film-based touch sensor, LCD, LED, PV, flexible displays, and intelligent wearing, etc. 

    Thanks to multiple coating technologies, Huayang’s precision coating machine is quite versatile to meet customer specific requirements. To combine and to customize is way which we help our customer to realize their dream for unique production.

    Through decade’s development, Huayang’s precision coating technology has penetrated into multiple industries:
  •  Protection film, Diffusion film, Reflective film, release film, Brightness enhancement film, OCA film.
  •  Car film (Insulation & explosion-proof), construction decorative film, IMD/IML film
  •  FPCB, CCL (Copper clad laminate)
  •  Solar battery back material, Lithium battery film, Battery insulating film
  •  Lithium-ion battery diaphragm
  •  Electronic / Electrical functional adhesive tape
  •  Photo paper, Painting material
  •  Carbon tape, ink ribbon
  •  Reverse osmose membrane for water treatment

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